Ebikes am Garda - 10 Fragen 10 Antworten an Profi Bike Guide Paolo Betta aus Riva

Wie bereits vor geraumer Zeit angekündigt, habe ich von meinem Ausflug an den Gardasee auch ein Interview für unsere Serie "Fragen - 10 Antworten" mitgebracht. Interviewpartner war mein Bike Guide Paolo Betta
Paolo ist Local Guide und war bisher größtenteils mit Retrobikern unterwegs aber führt auch immer häufiger gemischte Gruppen mit Retro und eBikern und das in allen Schwierigkeitsstufen.
Paolo ist am Anfang was das ebike Guiden betrifft, seine Station plant aber für nächste Saison bereits 7 eBikes anzuschaffen. Ich habe ihn auf unseren Touren auch mal mit dem Flyer Uproc 6 fahren lassen. Seine Meinung dazu später...

Paolo spricht italienisch und gut englisch aber leider nicht wirklich deutsch, daher sind wir mal vorbildliche Europäer und machen das Interview in englisch.  Ich finde seine Statements sehr interessant und zeigen den Weg auf den eMTB in den nächsten Jahren nehmen wird, auch am Gardasee.

PB:When was your first contact with an ebike?

Paolo: About 3 years ago ..! During a bike tour with bikers aged 60 years. Already very satisfied with their ebike ..

PB: How is your point of view regarding the actual development of ebiking, especially of the younger and more sportive target group coming from classical mountain biking?
Paolo: Many young bikers yet do not recognise the ebike. They still want to do this sport with their own engine, me to! It can be a good help for bikers who have had accidents ...!
With the help of the engine they can improve their recovery without staying home on an cyclette

PB: Are you planning to drive an eMtb as a Guide in the future?
Paolo: For sure if I want to keep doing the bike guide! I'll need an ebike sooner or later! Now the latest models are very competitive not only in uphill

PB: What are your expectations from an eMTB?
Paolo: I like to try every mtb reliability. A biker like me with a battery current can make turns of more than 100 km ! 80% of normal bikers is less trained than me.  An ebike must fill this gap! So you we can expand the user base of our excursions. A good ebike must allow anyone to rejoice at nature trails ...through forests and mountains ..

PB: As a Tour Guide, will you offer special eMTB Tours in the future? If, what will they be like?

Paolo: Of Course! The next year in the new The Lab Shop, we will have the space to offer 7 or more ebike mtb for rent.  For this we will organize many tours with ebike!
There are many guests that spend years on holiday in Riva del Garda and its surroundings who never passed the Ponale trail ...!
One of the most beautiful trails in the world ...! The road is only for walkers and bikers  ..! With an ebike you can enjoy breathtaking views seen only in photos. Something very important for the amateur mountain biker who have never used mountain bike in off road area! We will do some short courses to learn how to use the bike and e-bike!It is not so easy to ride a ebike offroad for people who have no experience! Our MTB guide will help you have a safe and satisfying tour
PB: What are the advantages of a classical MTB that a eMTB can (still) not compete with?
Paolo: Very dependent on the bike models! If you compare two of the top range it now only differs in weight.

PB: If you go on tour with a mixed group of MTB and eMTB riders, how was your experience?
Paolo: It is as in any mountain bike tour where there are bikers with different workout and technical skill level !
Someone goes stronger uphill - someone in downhill!
My bike tours are not races!
All must be met at the end ... However I always try to have the same level of bikers in my bike tours

PB: How is your impression of the actual  relationship of classical MTB Bikers and EMTB Bikers? 

Paolo: Much misunderstanding ...!
Many normal bikers get angry when they are exceeded by an ebike at the end of two hours of uphill...

PB: How will this develop in the  next 3 years?
Paolo: An exponential growth! Especially in our area. Our uphill are really ripide.
Many bikers can rent a normal e-bike for a tour that they could not do without.
And as mentioned before many of our guests will have less fear to approach our wonderful trails ..

PB: How was your impression riding an Enduro EMTB like the Flyer Uproc 6?
Paolo: A stunning experience! It is a bomb! The quality of the components at the top ..! Good weight balance ...! Next time I want to try harder ...!
It could be the ebike bike for a mountain bike guide like me ... eheh..just fun

Paolo, thanks for stating your point of view about the rising eBike scene at Lago di Garda. Sure I will ride once more with you on that amazing trails!

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  1. Hallo Leute

    Ich war letzte Woche in Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer bei E-Biken.
    Da ist das e-biken standard, hatte zwei touren mit einem Guid "bike max"
    Bei den höheren touren, Hundstein 2100 Meter Start bei 800 sind sicher 80% e-bikes unterwegs.
    Da scheint das inzwischen normal zu sein.
    Da gibt es höchsten neugierige Blicke und viele Fragen.
    Auch für den Guid ist es ganz normal mit dem e-bike unterwegs zu sein.

  2. Nachtrag, auf die Ladestationen sollte man sich nicht 100 Prozentig verlassen, eine ist nach 2 Minuten ganz ausgefallen, bei einer andere funktionierte nur eine Ladedose

  3. Wäre in Deutsch auch nicht schlecht..!!

  4. Genau!!! Kann halt nicht jeder perfekt Englisch.So ein Blödsinn!!

    1. Also ich denke so schwierig ist das jetzt auch nicht?
      Der Paolo spricht leider kein deutsch